Wild Sky Romance Volumes 1-4

Fall in love with the cowboys of Wild Sky country!

Montana Dawn

Cursed by heartbreak, he’s sworn off love. But to get his land, he needs a wife. When a pregnant stranger offers her hand, how can he refuse?

Wild Sky Redemption

His mistake brought the family ranch to the brink of disaster. He’ll fix it or die trying. When a sassy city girl arrives, will he let her bring him back to life?

Wild Sky Treasure

He ran from her love once. Now he needs her help. Being together again reignites their passion, but his new wealth is nothing compared to her old secret.

Wild Sky Healing

His best friend’s sister is off limits. But when secret scandal threatens the family, he jumps to her aid. Now they’re breaking all the rules.



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About the Book

For fans of Linda Lael Miller, Robyn Carr and Lori Wilde, four volumes in the bestselling Wild Sky Romance series. Full of hope, humor and love, this is heartwarming contemporary small-town romance at its best.

Volume 1: Montana Dawn

Cowboy and conservationist Carson Granger returns to Three River Ranch, determined to transform his embattled family home into a mustang sanctuary. But his late father, controlling even from the grave, had different ideas, and left an iron-clad will to enforce them.

Aurora McAllister’s empathic ability and her therapy dog work wonders with troubled children. But when Rory’s personal life falls apart, she takes her broken heart and flees. Three River Ranch is the perfect place to rest, heal and start over. Unfortunately, no one told her about the estranged son, or the grim Granger history. The man’s energy is raw and full of pain, but beneath that there’s a kindness that attracts her.

Carson wants Rory gone. Her relentless optimism and her mop of a dog are messing up all his plans. Then he sees her with the wild mustang mare he’s rehabilitating. The woman has skills. Maybe Rory is the key he didn’t realize he was looking for.

But Rory also has secrets and when it comes to women, the Granger men are cursed. His dreams for her future? Even he’s not that cold.

Then Rory makes him an offer he can’t refuse…

Volume 2: Wild Sky Redemption

Cowboy Zach Gamble has been through hell and back. The driver in a devastating crash that killed his brother and paralyzed his father, he’s got emotional wounds far worse than any physical scars. Saving the family ranch is his penance. He’ll keep Twinridge Ranch going even if it kills him – which it might.

Physical therapist Desiree Burke loved the challenge of a hopeless case – until a false claim of elder abuse shattered her reputation, and her confidence. But when her friend Rory begs her to come to Twinridge to help a man learn to walk again, she can’t say no. But the Gamble men might be the challenge of her life. Zach’s father has given up and Zach? He won’t even admit to the pain that Des reads on his body.

The new therapist is driving Zach nuts. Can’t she see how fragile his father is? Why does she push so hard? Worse yet is the compassion he sees when their eyes meet. He doesn’t need it, doesn’t want it, doesn’t deserve it. But Des’s touch unlocks something inside Zach that he thought was dead. She makes him feel, and he doesn’t want that.

But then Des works her way into his ranch, his family, and his life. He can’t resist her and now, to earn her love, he has to find forgiveness for the person he blames most: himself.

Volume 3: Wild Sky Treasure

Successful developer Mitchell Granger never intended to return to Three River Ranch but when he dodges a setup by claiming a sweetheart back home, his eccentric, matchmaking client insists on meeting her. He can’t scuttle the deal. But now he needs a girl to play along. Unfortunately, the girl he named happens to be his first love…and biggest mistake. This is going to cost him big.

Midwife Sabrina Becker forgave Mitch for leaving, but she never forgot the pain. She agrees to pose as Mitch’s fiancée, but he has to build the town a new maternity clinic. A good one, with room to grow and all the amenities. This time, she won’t be on the losing end of their time together. In fact, she’ll play her role well enough that when he leaves, it’ll break his heart, instead of hers.

But as Mitch sheds his corporate skin and picks up his dusty jeans and cowboy hat, Sabrina discovers that the boy who abandoned her has become someone new, a man who’s loving, complicated, and honourable. But can she risk her heart again?

Mitch can’t forgive himself for hurting her and won’t hurt her again. But all the money he’s made is nothing compared to the treasure he left behind—if he can only convince Sabrina to trust him.

Volume 4: Wild Sky Healing

Jonah Clarke is a cowboy at heart. As a lawyer, however, he’s devoted his life to defending those who’ve been let down by the system. So, when his best friend’s sister comes to him with a nasty legal issue, he can’t say no, even though it reminds him of his biggest failure. Worse yet, the little duckling he remembers has turned into a smart, sexy, dog-rescuing, cattle-wrangling swan.

Family tragedy made Celia “CeeCee” Gamble grow up fast. Now a successful veterinarian with her own practice, she’s worked hard to reinvent herself, but sure, she’s made mistakes along the way. When scandal threatens not just her livelihood, but the family ranch as well, she has no choice but to turn to Jonah for help. Telling the truth to the boy she once had a crush on is humiliating, but if anyone can solve her problems, it’s Jonah. Kind, trustworthy and hotter than ever… now, if only he’d stop treating her like a tag-along kid sister.

CeeCee is all that’s good in the world and her trust makes Jonah believe in himself again. But has healing his wounded heart opened her up to a world of pain? Or could this be everything they’ve both been searching for?

Series: Wild Sky
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Simon Creek Press
Publication Year: 2021
Format: e-book
Length: Four complete novels
ISBN: 9781777187583

eBook Price: 5.99
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