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Are you trying to get your book published but don’t know where to start? I can help.

Roxanne Snopek, EditorEditorial Services

I provide editorial services such as structural editing and stylistic editing, following the professional guidelines for ethical editing as set out by Editors Canada, of which I am a member.

Structural editing is about assessing and shaping material to improve its organization and content. When providing a structural edit, I will assess characterization, plot, setting, structure, pacing and voice, ensuring that necessary plot points, character arcs and genre-specific beats are present and in the right place. I will provide a written evaluation of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and a strategy for fixing the weak areas.

Stylistic editing is about clarifying meaning, improving flow and smoothing language. The stylistic editor ensures the language is appropriate for the audience, medium and purpose. This is where I’ll help you identify your audience, whether it be a particular publishing house, an imprint, a subgenre and make sure that the way you’ve written your story aligns with what those readers will expect. I’ll also work to help strengthen your unique voice.

Mia Heintzelman, author of Monopolove, says:

I highly recommend Roxanne Snopek for editing. She is thorough, focused, and detail-oriented. She has helped me address editorial inconsistencies and grammatical errors while strengthening the manuscript and my characters. Roxanne guided me through the process, and I found her support invaluable.

Editorial Coaching

Coaching will include discussing:

  • your goals
  • the genre in which you write
  • which publishing houses or literary agencies to query
  • market trends in your genre
  • the audience for your story
  • whether or not to consider independent publishing

Emerging novelist Eliza D. Collins says:

In 2020, I was selected as a mentee for the RWA’s Romance Author Mentorship Program and had the amazing good fortune to acquire Roxanne Snopek as my mentor. Her insightful developmental editing has been directly responsible for elevating my novice romance manuscript to a polished novel that is currently a contest finalist. Additionally, her generous encouragement and support bolstered me through my successive drafts. I would recommend her without hesitation as an editor!

Manuscript Evaluation

I will provide feedback on a partial manuscript, outline or proposal, discussing structure, plotting, characterization, and pacing.

Author and editor Roxanne Snopek

Brutally honest. Honestly kind. Kind of funny.

Why work with me?

Whether you’re writing a novel or a newsletter, it can be a daunting task to shape it into the manuscript you imagined. With 30+ years of experience in the publishing industry, first as a freelance non-fiction writer, then as a USA Today bestselling author of 25 novels and novellas, I’ve got information you need.

After working with many authors over the years,  I began editing professionally in 2020 and am now a graduate of the Simon Fraser University Editing Program.

I understand the challenging publishing landscape, the vulnerability of being a new author, the fear of rejection. Authors working with me will get:

  • Honesty. I will be kind and respectful, but don’t hire me if you don’t want the truth.
  • Hard work. You’ll get my best so I’ll expect yours.
  • Encouragement. Others have helped me; it’s my turn to help you.
  • Fun. Because why else are we doing this?

I specialize in commercial fiction, especially romance and women’s fiction, editing for narrative structure, character arcs and genre-specific beats. However, I will tailor my editing to your needs, from full structural editing to shaping your manuscript for the best chance at publication, to partial manuscript evaluation for developmental advice.

I’m also available to edit non-fiction manuscripts, and shorter material including newsletters, marketing and promotional material, and corporate communication.

* As a working novelist, I limit my availability for editing and am currently booking at least two months in advance.

Rates for Editorial Services


The time required to edit every book will vary, depending on length, quality of writing, and the amount of editing required. The average time required for a structural edit on an 80,000-word manuscript is 20-40 hours. My current fee is $75.00/hour, plus GST.


I will assess a written query from the author, followed by a phone conversation of up to one hour, for a flat fee of $150.00 plus GST. Additional time will be prorated at $37.50/15 minutes.

Manuscript Evaluation

I will assess the written material, provide a written report, charging a fee of $75.00/hour, plus GST.

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