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Roxanne writes love stories with true-to-life characters becoming their best selves while overcoming real world issues. There are always animals, too. 

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Foreword to the Lost Malones:

This is a dual timeline narrative series. In each book, we learn a little more about the history of the lost Malones, adopted as infants, now grown to adulthood and seeking their roots. The present-day story is centred on the story of each grown child; but the uniting thread throughout the series is the history behind the ongoing mystery they are trying to solve: who is my mother? who is my father? what happened that they couldn’t keep me? The books can be read as standalone stories, however to get the full impact of the story-behind-the-story, I suggest you read them in order. 

Latest Release:

Book #2: He lost her once. Will they find their way back to each other this time?

Leila Monahan is creating her dream family, but when her fiancé gets cold feet, she sends him packing. A sperm bank would be easier but first, she’ll take a DNA test. She doesn’t care about finding her birth parents, but her future children might. The surprising results are nothing to the shock of seeing her first true love back in town, with an eight-year-old daughter.

Sawyer Lafferty loved Leila, but her desire to get married—at nineteen!—sent him running. Before settling down, he wanted an education and opportunities. But those, and any future with Leila, vanished with the unexpected arrival of his baby girl. Now a single dad with full custody, he’s come home to manage Grand’s new therapeutic riding stable and rebuild his life.

Leila is gutted to learn that Sawyer wanted a family after all—just not with her. But little Piper quickly captures her heart, and when Sawyer shares the circumstances of his marriage, the spark they once had flares back to life, but is it enough to sustain them? Or will the secrets and lies surrounding them douse it forever?

Read on for an excerpt from THE RANCHER’S LOST BRIDE:

“What does JP stand for?” Heather asked.

Malone kept walking.

“Don’t you have a last name? Or is it a stage name, like Cher?”

He turned. “Won’t your parents be wondering where you are?”

Her smile faded. “I’m nineteen.”

“Bullshit. You’re coming on like a freight train, Heather. You think that’s smart? It’s not. It’s goddamn stupid. You’re lucky I don’t haul you into my trailer and—”

“Why don’t you?”

He gaped at her. Part of him was kicking himself. She was here, who knew why, as ready and waiting as any girl he’d ever seen, and he couldn’t let himself partake.

“I don’t know you.”

“I’m Heather Hudson. My mom always called me Honey, but she’s gone now. I’m from Sweetheart. I live with my dad, but I’m saving up for a place of my own, somewhere with good light and space, where I could have a cat. I work in a diner, but I’m really an artist. Or, I’m trying to be, at least. Is that better?”

Something about her intrigued him. He hadn’t seen her flirting with anybody else. Maybe she really did like him, in particular. For some reason.

“No. What do you see happening here, Heather?”

She tipped one shoulder. “We’re getting to know each other. That’s nice, isn’t it? I don’t know a lot of nice guys.”

“I’m not a nice guy.”

“I think you are. I’ve watched you. You’re polite. You don’t lose your temper. You’re good to your horse. That means something.”

“It means nothing.”

It had been too long since he’d been in the company of anyone other than men and boys like himself, rough, gruff, grubby cowboys not given to conversation. They weren’t friends; they exchanged information, brief words of commiseration or briefer congratulations. They were competitors in the saddle, at work or at play, and they never forgot it. There was no room for softness.

She stepped closer to him and ran a finger down the placket of his shirt. “You’re a good guy, aren’t you, JP?”

He grasped her hand, tight enough to make her eyes flicker. “I’m not. You need to leave. Now.”

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Cowboy and woman on grassy valley

Book #1: He’s looking for the one thing she’s done with: family.

Brade Oliver arrives in Grand, Montana, looking for blood—and answers. Genetic tests reveal that his biological family may reside in the small, western town, and he’s on a mission to finally discover the one thing his adoptive family couldn’t give him: the truth.

Kendall McKinley craves a normal life, free of the demands, drama, and constraints of her dysfunctional family. Despite being focused on building her career and working on a restoration project, Kendall can’t help herself from noticing a handsome stranger the first night he arrives. But when Brade starts asking uncomfortable questions around town, Kendall is determined to protect her community and friends. The harder she tries to steer Brade away from the answers he seeks, the more he pushes back…and the more irresistible he becomes.

Brade is determined to uncover the truth no matter what, and Kendall finds herself torn between keeping the secrets of people she cares for and finding answers for the man she loves.

Read on for an excerpt from THE COWBOY’S LOST FAMILY:

She watched him walk away, his stride strong and long, not so much a swagger as a promise. His was a bruised, jagged life among crude men and animals, bloodstained, sweat-marked, and harsh. He said she was strong, yet he treated her as if she were made of glass.

He stirred something in her that she couldn’t identify. More than desire, not quite love, not anger, but a slow-growing sense of outrage.

Maybe she wasn’t a joke or a liability, though she couldn’t quite believe that yet. But she wasn’t a treasure, either, or a miracle or the eighth wonder of the world.

She was flesh and blood and questions and hopes and fears.

She was a woman.

And she was ready to figure out just what that meant.

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