Welcome to the Wild Sky romance novel series!

Discover the tough cowboys, the strong women who tame them, and the community that supports them. Breathe deep. It’s Wild Sky country.



The first romance novel I had published was called Three River Ranch. This book spawned a four-book, one-novella series that launched me onto the USA Today bestseller list, as well as the bestseller lists at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

New Covers, New Life

The publishing world has a short attention span and although readers loved the series, it got very little marketing and quickly fell off the publisher’s radar. So when the rights reverted to me, I grabbed the books back, determined to bring them back for readers, under my own label.

What you see now is the result.

With updated, re-edited content, fresh cover and better descriptions, I think these stories are even better than before. I hope you give them a try and if you enjoy them, would you please go to your point-of-purchase and leave a review? Independent authors have steep challenges competing with big publishing houses but our ace is always you, the reader.

Thank you for being one of mine.

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